Azulen Paste pimple cream

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Doctor Eckstein Azulen Paste pimple cream is a highly concentrated paste for the local treatment of pimples and blackheads. It improves the skin’s own natural healing abilities and calms the affected areas. It helps to reduce redness and swelling of impurities. Its calming properties help prevent post-acne scarring (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and help heal the skin. 

It's the unique combination of ingredients that make it a global bestseller - with a 4.6-star rating on Amazon after 157 reviews.

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Reviews for Azulen Paste pimple cream
9 reviews

My Secret Weapon

I have always struggled with the odd pimple due to the amount of makeup I wear on a daily basis. This is the only product that helps to reduce not just the size but also the appearance of any bumps and redness casued on my skin.

I really do recommend this if you suffer from pimples.

24 June 2019 by Storm S.,

Must-have product!

My skincare cupboard can't ever be without a tub of Azulen Paste again! This product helps bring down redness and inflammation from pimples overnight. I also use it for after waxing for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.
Must-have product!

04 May 2020 by Seboine G.,


This little product is a real hero product, Not only does it help with pimples and general inflimation on the skin its amazing for the prevention of scaring and helps to minimise redness on the skin if a break out does occur, CONFESSION: I love this little product on mosquito bites in the middle of summer.

26 February 2021 by Storm S.,

Way more than the pretty colour

I suspect my teenage daughter is using it 😅 her acne skin looks better. I highly recommend it for who suffers with acne, pigmentation.and many more
It’s a magic potion, a little goes a long way. My skin was itchy with a rash and used this product and woke up with no rash. I can see myself without this product

23 October 2022 by Lulama N.,

She is the one!

I have been using this product for some time now (over two weeks), what I can confidently say is a little goes a long way effectively. I use so little on a pimple. I have a habit of scratching pimples, then regret the scarring. Since using the Azulen Paste, I've managed to control the scratching and it also dries out pimples overnight. It lightens my marks as well. Very gentle on the skin, no irritation. I also use this now and then as a concealer under my foundation (on dark spots). Love using this product.

03 November 2022 by Khoreesha S.,


This really is a product that doesn't need too many days for you to notice it's working. I used it on my face on the first but especially on the second day, my pimples were drying up. If you have body acne, it also works for that too! You can only use it at night or if you are not leaving the house because it doesn't blend into the skin. (any skin tone)

04 November 2022 by Chantel B.,

Miracle worker

This product is amazing! It has helped me with blemishes and redness. I highly recommend and use it only at night as it gives off a green tint!

04 December 2022 by Jem A.,

Azulen Paste - Miracle Find!

Have used Azulen Paste since my early 20's and still use this miracle find in my late 50's for spots & flareups - eliminates redness and definitely reduces scarring. This product saved my life during acne outbreaks.
It is my overnight miracle and highly recommend to any one of all ages for spotty outbreaks and acne.

18 May 2023 by Genie M., South Africa

Love this stuff

I have been using this all my life for pimples. It really helps to reduce the visibility and speed up healing.

28 May 2023 by Jacqueline K., South Africa

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