Step 1 - Cleanse

Facial Cleansing

Cleansing is step 1 of your skin care routine, and it's a very important step that is easy to get wrong. The importance of cleansing your skin is to remove dirt, make up, pollutants and impurities, and to maintain your natural skin barrier. Oil is part of your natural skin barrier, so you want to remove excess oil that can trap dirt and clog pores, but otherwise keep your natural oils on your skin. Your skin should not squeak after you've washed your face.

We have a range of cleansers to suit all skin types.

Azulen oil cleanser – cleanser for dry and reactive skin; also great as a make up remover and as a double cleanser

Lavolind gel cleanser – for oily skin

Reinigungsmilch milk cleanser – for normal to combination skin

Reinigungsmilch supreme rich milk cleanser – for mature skin

Sensitive gel cleanser – for sensitive and oily skin; great for teen skin; very effective for rosacea

  • Azulen Reinigungsöl

    Azulen Reinigungsöl oil cleanser

    1 review
  • Lavolind Flussig

    Lavolind Flussig gel cleanser

  • Reinigungsmilch

    Reinigungsmilch milk cleanser

    2 reviews
    from R420.00
  • Reinigungsmilch Supreme

    Reinigungsmilch Supreme rich milk cleans...

  • Sensitive Reinigungsgel

    Sensitive Reinigungsgel gel cleanser

    1 review