Sensitive Balance

Sensitive Balance

The care program for delicate and sensitive skin.

Skin can be sensitive at any age. We differentiate between two basic conditions with the care goal sensitive balance. If your skin tends to flakeyness or redness as a result of dryness, we call it "tender, delicate or reactive". However, if it is sensitive to an extremely low threshold and prone to allergies or telangiectasia, we speak of sensitive skin. Decide for yourself which care solution is right for you:

Healthy Balance

Delicate Skin

Characteristics: delicate, prone to redness, prone to sensitivity

"Moisture helps a lot" applies to the cream base, especially in the care of delicate skin. A rich cream base provides intensive moisture and protects. A delicate skin cannot get enough of that. The cream blends naturally with your skin and gives it what it lacks - restoring its natural balance for a beautiful and healthy look.

Sensitive Skin

Characteristics: often thin, prone to sensitivity, prone to telangiectasia, prone to allergies

Some people are inherently more sensitive than others. That's the same with your skin. Sensitive skin, whether caused by a predisposition, environmental influences, inappropriate care or living conditions, requires one to calm the skin and bring it back to its natural balance. Our products for sensitive skin are therefore precisely tailored to these needs. In addition, we take into account the low tolerances of sensitivity and predominantly use calming active ingredients, paying particular attention to allergies.

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  • Sensitive Lotion

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  • Sensitive Packung

    Sensitive Packung facial mask

  • Sensitive Reinigungsgel

    Sensitive Reinigungsgel gel cleanser

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