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Doctor Eckstein products are imported by Morenga Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd, the only authorised distributor of Doctor Eckstein products in South Africa.

Morenga Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd has been the authorised distributor in South Africa since 2016. However Doctor Eckstein has been available in South Africa for over 45 years. 

The owner of Morenga Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd, Bevinn King, is passionate about the brand and has been using it herself for 20 years. 


Long before it was modern, Dr. R. A. Eckstein saw a connection between a person’s feeling of well-being and their look of being well. He understood that to be well internally – healthy, loved, appreciated, and connected to others – greatly influences the expression of beauty in a person’s face.

Perhaps it was the images of Germany struggling to rebuild itself – physically and spiritually – after a devastating war that inspired his desire to help create beauty and inner peace, if only for the time spent in treatment at the hands of a compassionate esthetician. For it was Dr. Eckstein’s belief that an esthetician must work to restore the overall sense of well-being of the client, not just treat the complexion.

With this in mind, Dr. Richard Eckstein and his wife Linde founded Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik in 1949, a skin care company dedicated to combining the best of nature with the rigors of science. They sought to empower women (and later men) by creating high quality cosmetics enabling them to look and feel naturally beautiful. The company expanded steadily, and in 1957 Dr. Eckstein became the first German scientist to win the coveted PRIX CIDESCO for excellence in the cosmetic industry.

Verena Eckstein


Like his father, Dr. Gerd Eckstein honored the “total beauty” principle, and continued to strengthen the Eckstein name. Upon graduating with his doctorate in 1972, Dr. Gerd Eckstein put his energy toward modernizing and expanding the business internationally. With extensive knowledge in the use of plants and their natural properties, he pioneered products, including sensitive skin care, hyaluronic acid, and biomimetic peptides. This combination of natural science expertise, and a keen understanding of marketing and design, revitalized the company.

Prior to Dr. Gerd Eckstein’s passing in the fall of 2015, he took care to ensure that the work of Doctor Eckstein continued in the hands of his wife, daughter, and son, who each manage key areas of the business. Today, in its third generation of family leadership, Doctor Eckstein stays true to its founding philosophy, and close to its roots in Oberasbach, Germany. It continues to develop and manufacture its products with the highest standards of excellence at its original headquarters in dedication to the well-being of its customers.

A Family-run Company


  • research-based product development combining pharmacology and natural science
  • a comprehensive skincare system for 10 skin types and skin conditions
  • more than 100 products – for truly individualized skincare solutions
  • highly skin-compatible products for even the most sensitive skin types and conditions
  • testing by third party independent labs with rating of »excellent« on ALL products tested
  • skin care industry leadership and innovation including our plant stem cell extract technology
  • a network of more than 10,000 trained estheticians and cosmetologists working with Doctor Eckstein products worldwide
  • highest quality standards and quality controls; we adhere to the European Union (EU) Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices, which regulates the quality of bulk goods and active ingredients
  • an international growth trajectory with successful product distribution in the USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, among other countries
  • products free of mineral and silicone oil, paraffin and artificial colors
  • not animal tested – a cornerstone of our philosophy, not a trend
  • a broad selection of vegan and paraben free products
  • an unwavering quality promise – since 1949 we put our family name on every product and stand behind it with our word.
About the Doctor Eckstein Philosophy

For more information about Doctor Eckstein please go to www.doctoreckstein.de