Healthy Balance

Healthy Balance

The care program for young, normal and dry skin.

Is your skin smooth and supple, or is it occasionally dry? Then you are looking in the right place with Healthy Balance from Doctor Eckstein®. Normal skin is different from young skin only in that it takes slightly more effort to keep your skin in good condition. In addition, young and normal skin can be prone to dryness. Therefore, choose your individual skin condition based on the following criteria:

Healthy Balance

Young Skin

Characteristics: delicate, smooth and supple, fine-pored

Young skin is healthy and looks fresh; unless it needs help with blemishes. Care for young skin means: less is more. Nevertheless, it also wants to be well looked after and cared for. That's why it's time to start with some basic grooming in the mornings and evenings.

Normal Skin

Characteristics: smooth and supple, fine pored, vulnerable

Are you in your twenties or older and your skin is still flawless? Then the care program is like your skin: uncomplicated. But for your skin to stay beautiful and healthy, it needs a bit more regular care than young skin does. Protection against premature aging and moisturising simply becomes more important. Only on this basis, the skin is optimally cared for and retains its natural beauty for longer.

Dry Skin

Characteristics: tightness, fine wrinkles, sensitivity

Dry skin tends to stretch and, if ignored, will easily become sensitive. Therefore, give it what it lacks: sufficient moisture and the ability to retain moisture itself. With proper care, your skin feels youthful again - and it looks that way too.

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