Mid 20s to early 30s

Mid 20s to early 30s

Youthful skin is still mostly healthy and has good moisture levels. It needs to be taken care of and protected. Youthful skin requires light, natural products to help keep it clear and prevent breakouts and scarring from squeezing pimples. In your 20s, you may need to start using a night cream especially if you live in a dry climate or have certain seasons of the year that are very dry. The trick to maintaining your youthful skin is to wash it well with the correct cleanser (not too harsh), making sure you remove all your makeup before you go to bed, giving your skin enough moisture both in the morning and at night, getting into a healthy, daily/weekly/monthly skin care routine.

Our Azulen Paste is a young skin’s best friend. It treats and dries up pimples, can disguise the redness and inflammation and one little tub lasts ages, so it’s cost effective too. And the tinted Azulen Paste blends well under makeup.

All skin needs to be protected from the sun. Our SPF50 is ultra-light so won’t run into eyes during sport and won’t aggravate problem skin. It is also fine to use under make up as it is not at all greasy after you apply it – it absorbs into your skin and leaves no shine.

  • Azulen Paste

    Azulen Paste pimple cream

    9 reviews
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  • Augen Pflegebalsam

    Augen Pflegebalsam eye care balm

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  • Azulen Paste Getönt

    Azulen Paste Tinted pimple cream

  • Carotin Feuchtigkeits Balsam

    Carotin Feuchtigkeits Balsam day cream

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  • Carotin Feuchtigkeitscreme

    Carotin Feuchtigkeitscreme night cream

  • Lotion

    Lotion toner

    from R409.00
  • Reinigungsmilch

    Reinigungsmilch milk cleanser

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    from R420.00
  • Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50

    Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50 Ser...

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  • Vitamin Packung

    Vitamin Packung facial mask

  • Hydra Silk Turmeric Balsam

    Hydra Silk Turmeric Balsam