Antiaging skincare

Antiaging skincare

Doctor Eckstein has a range of very effective solutions to prevent premature ageing and keep your skin looking its best.

Your skin will age as you age, but there are many environmental factors that cause skin to age faster and make you look older than you should look. Have you noticed that many northern-hemisphere nations have the most beautiful skin? They often have less exposure to sun and so suffer less from UV damage. 

The Doctor Eckstein formulations are designed to protect your skin from environmental factors that cause skin damage, support your natural skin structure and health, and nourish skin to enable it to look its best. 

No single ingredient will address all your skin needs - you need well-researched combinations to work together to achieve optimal skin health.

For more information on achieving skin that ages beautifully, see our Beautiful Ageing skincare goal.

Below are some of our antiaging superheroes:

  • Active Concentrate Collagen Complex

    Active Concentrate Collagen Complex Seru...

  • Active Concentrate Silk AHA Liposome Complex

    Active Concentrate Silk AHA Liposome Com...

    1 review
  • Collagen Balsam

    Collagen Balsam day cream

    2 reviews
  • Collagen Supreme

    Collagen Supreme night cream

  • Décolleté Supreme

    Décolleté Supreme neck and chest cream

    1 review
  • Augen Pflegebalsam

    Augen Pflegebalsam eye care balm

    1 review
  • Hydra Silk Turmeric Balsam

    Hydra Silk Turmeric Balsam

  • Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme night cream

    Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme night cream