Mid 40s to early 50s

Mid 40s to early 50s

In your 40s and 50s your skin is maturing and may start needing richer products to maintain its healthy glow. Doctor Eckstein has a wide range of products to ensure you can get products that suit your skin, protect it from ageing too quickly and maintain your healthy glow. Sun protection is still very important at this age, and so is using the correct cleanser, day, cream, night cream and other products to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Remember that you change the products that you use throughout the year as you need to, for example you can use our collagen range in the summer months, and change up to Regeneration or Biocor in the winter months if your skin needs more moisture and a boost. Our serums are also great at giving your skin the boost it needs, such as in dry winter months or during hormonal changes.

  • Active Concentrate Collagen Complex

    Active Concentrate Collagen Complex

  • Collagen Balsam

    Collagen Balsam

    1 review
  • Collagen Packung

    Collagen Packung

  • Collagen Supreme

    Collagen Supreme

  • Lotion Supreme

    Lotion Supreme

  • Regeneration Supreme

    Regeneration Supreme

  • Reinigungsmilch Supreme

    Reinigungsmilch Supreme

  • Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50

    Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50

    3 reviews
  • Active Concentrate Escin Liposome Complex

    Active Concentrate Escin Liposome Comple...

  • Active Concentrate Silk AHA Liposome Complex

    Active Concentrate Silk AHA Liposome Com...