Step 2 - Tone

Facial Toning

Toning is step 2 of your skin care routine. It completes your cleanse and prepares your skin for the products that follow. Toners remove any last dirt, excess oil, make up, and cleanser from your skin. It helps to refine enlarged pores, and prepare the skin for serums and moisturisers. It also helps bond the active ingredients in serums and moisturisers to your skin so they work more effectively. As with cleaners, different toners are suited for different skin types and can help you restore your skin barrier if your skin is dry, delicate or sensitive, or manage excess oil production if your skin is oily.

We have a range of toners to suit all skin types.

Azulen lotion toner – for dry and reactive skin prone to redness

Hamamelis (witch hazel) lotion toner with salicylic acid – for oily and blemish prone skin

Hamamelis (witch hazel) toner wipes with salicylic acid – oily and blemish prone skin (great for travelling)

Lotion toner – for normal, young and mild combination skin

Lotion supreme rich toner – for mature skin

Sensitive lotion toner – for sensitive skin (alcohol free); very effectove for rosacea
  • Azulen Lotion

    Azulen Lotion toner

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  • Hamamelis Lotion

    Hamamelis Lotion toner

  • Lotion

    Lotion toner

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  • Lotion Supreme

    Lotion Supreme toner

  • Sensitive Lotion

    Sensitive Lotion toner