Clear Balance

Clear Balance

The care program for combination, blemished and oily skin.

If your skin condition is characterised by shine or impurities, the goal is to normalise it and restore it to its natural balance. For this purpose, we differentiate between three basic states of the skin, which are characterised by either an oily shine or impurities and which also differ in areas in which these phenomena occur:

Clear Balance

Combination Skin

Characteristics: cheeks tend to dryness and tension or tightness. Forehead, nose and chin are prone to oiliness, shine, impurities and sometimes to enlarged pores.

Your skin is multi-faceted. It is usually dry on the cheeks. The T-zone, however, tends to have impurities or shine. To correct the existing imbalance, care is needed that targets both oily and dry skin. With our products you can manage this balancing act. It brings your skin back to its natural balance for a flawless complexion.

Blemished Skin

Characteristics: too much sebum, impurities and deposits, enlarged pores

The treatment of impure skin starts with the causes and ensures that impurities disappear quickly and the pores are not widened. It is a challenge to regulate sebum formation to prevent impurities from forming. Not only when you clean your skin in the morning, but throughout the day. Often it is not enough to only treat developing blemishes and impurities during your morning and evening cleansing routine, but also throughout the day; so we have a number of "SOS products" in this program.

Oily Skin

Characteristics: too much sebum, sometimes enlarged pores

In a oily skin, the sebaceous glands run at full speed and produce too much sebum, which causes a typical shine. For teenage adolescents as well as adults, oily skin is a real challenge. The focus of treatment is therefore the continuous removal of excess sebum. Not only in the morning and in the evening, but also regularly in between.

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