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Are you a skin care therapist and plan on starting your own business? Are you already established in the industry and wish to expand your product line? Contact us today to learn more about Doctor Eckstein® and the benefits of partnering with us.

In a nutshell:
with 70 years of skincare expertise, Doctor Eckstein® has a reputation for the highest integrity products, proven efficacy and skin-compatible solutions for all skin types and conditions. Our network of partners reaches around the globe and includes over 10,000 trade aestheticians. We welcome your interest - and look forward to a productive partnership - as we continue to grow and expand.

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A Special Message to Aestheticians and Skin Care Professionals

Since our founding 70 years ago, aestheticians have been the backbone of our company. Our grandfather, Dr. Richard Eckstein, believed deeply in the healing power of aestheticians, so much so that he wrote the definitive book on skin care which to this day serves as an industry benchmark in Europe. In his book, Biokosmetik: Aus Forschung und Praxis, he details not just the technical care of the client’s skin, but the impact your care can have on your client’s general sense of well-being.

For this to happen, he explains, each client must be considered as an individual - and not treated with a "one-size fits all" approach. Because of this, our product palette is extensive with more than 100 products to treat all skin conditions and types. As industry leaders, we don’t rest here; we continuously innovate to introduce cutting edge ingredients and treatments for optimum results.

As a manufacturer of skin care products, we feel we have many obligations to you. Obvious ones include:

  • maintaining the highest standards of quality in our products and ensuring that they deliver what they promise in terms of results,
  • treating you as a valuable partner by pricing fairly so your retail business can thrive, and
  • being there for you when you have questions or concerns

But a not so obvious obligation includes:

  • helping you navigate our product selection in order to arrive at the best possible treatment plan for your client. We know that if your client loves the results, chances are they will keep coming back to you.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your practice, our treatment resource guide provides suggestions, guidelines, and techniques for treating all skin conditions and types.

What can you expect as an Eckstein partner?

  • Accessible minimum order requirements
  • Free samples to give to clients to facilitate retail sales
  • Comprehensive support when it matters most i.e. in the early stage as a new partner. (We’re also there for you beyond that point, but we know how challenging the beginning can be.)
  • Beautiful marketing materials that are provided with your initial order and help stimulate sales
  • On-going product training for sustained excellence and confidence using our products
  • Real human support from our professional skincare service. (but we’ll text, too, if you prefer)
  • Allergy service to help guide you through our ingredients and provide a list of appropriate products so you can serve your clients in the best way possible
  • Lucrative wholesale pricing and incentive program so you can be successful and clients can love our brand