Your skin, like your body, needs care and protection. To achieve and maintain a healthy skin you need to nourish your skin and understand what it needs. At Doctor Eckstein we understand the physiology of skin and what it needs to thrive. With over 70 years of skincare innovation and science, trust Doctor Eckstein with your skin care needs. 


What do you want your skin to be - clear, calm, healthy, youthful? In other words, what is your skin care goal? Choose the skin care goal that you would like to reach from the options below and find out which recommendations best suit your needs.


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In a nutshell:

With 70 years of skincare expertise, Doctor Eckstein® has a reputation for the highest integrity products, proven efficacy and skin-compatible solutions for all skin types and conditions.
Our network of partners reaches around the globe and includes over 10,000 trade aestheticians. We welcome your interest - and look forward to a productive partnership - as we continue to grow and expand.

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Our values:


Since our company was founded in 1949, we have been developing highly effective care products on a pharmaceutical and life science basis. We wholeheartedly stand behind every product we develop and manufacture. And already in the third generation.


Every product we sell is designed and manufactured at our corporate headquarters in Oberasbach, Germany. A lot of time and care goes into the development of our cosmetics and they meet the highest pharmaceutical standards.


Whether azulene, natural enzymes, collagen or the use of active ingredients from resource-saving plant stem cells: we are leaders when it comes to highly effective skin care solutions. Our 4-10-100 skincare regimen helps clients of all ages find the most effective skincare ritual for them quickly and easily. It has never been easier to personalize skin care from our well over one hundred products.

Our vision

To redefine beauty as the individual expression of personality, vitality and health.

Our mission

Empowering people to live their inner and outer beauty. To revive the principle of a holistic concept of beauty in our training courses and seminars. To support a lifestyle characterised by well-being.

Stockist opportunities

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Some stockist benefits:
- no minimum opening order
- attractive margins
- samples to boost retail sales.

For more information contact Bevinn King, Director of Doctor Eckstein South Africa.