Mid 30s to early 40s

Mid 30s to early 40s

In your 30s your skin starts to produce less natural oils and less collagen. Your skin may start to show signs of premature ageing such as a loss of elasticity, the development of fine lines and wrinkles and dehydration. In South Africa we start to see these signs of premature skin ageing at a much younger age than in Europe, for example, as our sun is more harsh here and we tend to be exposed to sun and UV rays a lot more in our lifetimes. UV damage is the no. 1 cause of premature skin ageing, so if you want to care for your skin and keep your youthful glow for longer, you need to use a good sun screen and maintain good moisture levels in your skin. In your 30s you may start to need using an eye cream, if you have not already, and possibly serums if you need them, such as in winter when the air is dryer. You also may need richer day and night creams and possibly also a cleanser that does not dry your skin out too much. Remember than dryer skin ages faster than oily skin, so be glad if your skin is a bit oily, and give your skin the moisture it needs if it is drier.
  • Reinigungsmilch

    Reinigungsmilch milk cleanser

    2 reviews
    from R420.00
  • Lotion

    Lotion toner

    from R409.00
  • Collagen Balsam

    Collagen Balsam day cream

    2 reviews
  • Collagen Supreme

    Collagen Supreme night cream

  • Collagen Packung

    Collagen Packung facial mask

  • Augen Pflegebalsam

    Augen Pflegebalsam eye care balm

    1 review
  • Active Concentrate Collagen Complex

    Active Concentrate Collagen Complex Seru...

  • Active Concentrate Hyaluron Complex

    Active Concentrate Hyaluron Complex Seru...

    2 reviews
  • Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50

    Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50 Ser...

    4 reviews
  • Hydra Silk Turmeric Balsam

    Hydra Silk Turmeric Balsam

  • Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme night cream

    Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme night cream