Online and Virtual Skincare tools


Our online and virtual skin tools can help you identify your skin type, skin conditions and from there your skincare goal.

We are developing 2 skin tools to help you get to know your skin better, one is a brief online questionnaire to help you identify which of our products may be best for you. The other is a full professional skin consultation done via Zoom or Whatsapp video call with one of our trained professional skincare therapists. 

We have also put together a home facial kit which you can buy to do a home facial. This has been made available for those who cannot go out to see a skincare therapist or that do not have a Doctor Eckstein therapist near them.

We recommend that before you buy a home facial kit, you have a virtual skin consultation to make sure that your kit includes all the correct products for your skin type and conditions and to reduce the chance of contra-indications. You can also purchase our kits through some of our stockists. 

Complete the Skin Analysis Questionnaire