Beautiful Ageing

Beautiful Ageing

The care program for moisture demanding and mature skin.

Has your life left first traces on the skin? Laughter wrinkles do not disappear so easily and your skin does not recover as it used to? Then your skin goal is beautiful ageing. It represents beauty regardless of age. So that you can feel good in your skin at all times.

Beautiful Ageing

Demanding Skin

Characteristics: fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration

Your skin demands moisture and is deyhydrated, and the sympathetic smile lines are becoming more and more pronounced. In order to preserve your youthful radiance as long as possible, we focus our attention on the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines in this skin condition. Moisture and firming are now very important. Our collagen line offers optimal effectiveness against the various signs of aging and allows the skin to recover, especially at night, to a new freshness.

Mature Skin

Characteristics: increasingly dry and thinner, fine lines and wrinkles, needs recovery, feels tired, has declining elasticity, has some sun-damage

Do your lines gradually deepen into wrinkles? Maybe even show the consequences of a lot of sun? Then it's time for you to listen to your skin and give it what it wants. In the case of mature skin we focus on repair, followed by effective care solutions for recovery and for the treatment of wrinkles. Discover how our natural cosmetics care for your best years. Our skin-physiological, rich formulations provide your skin with exactly what it needs now.