Good skin is a journey, not a destination

by Bevinn King

Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels
Good skin is a journey, not a destination

It’s possible to achieve good skin, but what many people don’t understand is that skincare is a journey; and to achieve good skin takes daily commitment. It is something you work towards every day. It’s not something you achieve and then tick off your list.

As you grow, as your body changes, as your lifestyle and habits change, so does your skin and what it needs. So you may find a combination of products that works for you when you are 20, but don’t expect that same product combination to keep working for you when you’re 25, 30 or 40.

Where you live, and how you live also plays a big role in how your skin looks and feels and reacts to what you expose it to, from within your body and from your environment. A dry or humid climate can have very different effects on your skin. If you’re active, outdoors a lot, eat healthily, get enough sleep or smoke… all these play a role in your overall health, and so too the health of your skin. As you grow and change, so too should your skin care routine.

There are those enviable individuals who always seem to look amazing, never have breakouts and have a never-ending youthful glow, but they really are few and far between, and if you were to ask them, you’ll probably find out that they have been taking care of their skin since they were teenagers. Most of us have daily battles with our skin, from breakouts, to redness, to medical conditions, etc. The trick is to get to know your skin, get to love your skin and develop a healthy relationship with it. If you take care of it, it will keep taking care of you.

Do you know what skin type you have? Your skin type is what kind of skin you are born with, and what you need to learn to live with. An example is an oily skin, where you have larger pores and your skin produces a lot of oil. If you find out your skin type, and manage it well, you can achieve glowing, clear skin.

Do you know what skin conditions you have? Skin conditions are skin concerns that you develop through your lifestyle and your environment. Generally these can be fixed or improved. Examples are dehydrated skin from behaviours such as smoking, not drinking enough water or from living in a very dry climate, or skin that is ageing prematurely from exposure to the sun, toxins and pollution.

It’s helpful to find out your skin type and skin condition so you can use the correct products for your skin type and achieve the kind of skin you’d love to have – a clear, glowing skin. Or you can muddle along and work it out over time. Once you know your skin type and condition, you can then work out your skin care goal – what you want your skin to look like and how to achieve it. As we all know, once you know what you’re working towards – your goal – you can put together a plan to achieve it, and maintain it.

What is your skin care goal?

  • Some people have healthy skin and want to look after it so that they keep it healthy and age well – they want to maintain a Healthy Balance for their skin.
  • Some people battle with sensitivity, redness and perhaps allergies to specific products or the environment. They want to calm their skin and reduce redness and sensitivity – they want to achieve Sensitive Balance.
  • Some people have oily or problem skin that breakouts out often, leaves scars from pimples and is very shiny – they want clear skin and to achieve Clear Balance.
  • Some people are getting a bit older and want to look good for their age, to age gracefully and to love their skin – they want to achieve Beautiful Ageing.

Would you like to find out your skin type and skin conditions? Visit one of our trained skin care therapists or get in touch online or via our online skin analysis. We’d love to help you find out what your skin care goal is, and also achieve it.

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